Client List:

Allie X
Alvin Valley
Ariana and The Rose
Art Start
Boston Strikers Soccer Club
Cashmere from Kashmir
The Cherry Fund DC
Heart House Cardiology
The New York Ramblers
PEN America
Pls Pls Me
Restore NYC
SportsCare Physical Therapy
Tassel Depot

Jason is a New York City based photographer, specializing in location and environmental portraiture. Analog photography is his preferred medium in both 35mm and large formats. Much of his inspiration and artistic creativity come from a fascination with the connections among people, places and environments.

Jason tells real stories about the people he meets and the sentiments of their personal lives. He is not afraid to challenge privacy and push subjects to be honest and open.

In 2016, Jason received his BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.




Jason Leavy Photography
885 Herkimer St
Brooklyn, NY 11233

+1 212 282 5539