Barbara + Leon

At 82 years young, Barbara Banchik is just about the toughest cookie I’ve ever met. In the face of a suggested knee replacement, she chose sailing over sitting and still managed bring home the gold. In so many ways, she has proven the type of person that lives life like there’s no tomorrow. She is a true inspiration and a wonderful new friend.

Speaking of friends, Leon Paley is Barbara’s closest. I’ve learned sailing on Wednesdays would not be the same without him, especially as she usually crushes him for first place. When I visited their home, I found it endlessly charming and brimming with fond memories. It is no mystery this story is a happy one, but by looking deeper I learned only two birds who love themselves can each other another just as much.

**UPDATE: Barbara finally had her knee successfully replaced in early 2018 and is back on the water winning trophies and kicking some old-school butt!**